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Massage therapy is a series of hands-on techniques used to alleviate many areas of stress and tension in one’s body. Massage therapy helps to bring nutrition to muscles by increasing blood supply and cleansing the body from everyday stress, injury, illness or grief. The movements utilized in a session can help to ease stiffness and discomfort in joints and muscles, and improve one’s sense of well being.

Many physical rehabilitation programs recognize and incorporate Massage therapy for chronic conditions, including back and neck pain, arthritis, fatigue, diabetes, depression, and more. Massage is also an excellent preventative therapy that can help to keep muscles supple, lengthened and healthy. img

Massage therapy was once considered a great luxury, but in our day and age, many people are recognizing massage as more of a necessity for a healthy active life. Everyday living demands so much from us, isn’t it time you gave a little back to yourself?


Massage Therapy-

Help your body unwind. A combination of modalities is used to release tension and reduce muscle fatigue. Techniques utilized are Swedish, deep tissue, Myofascial release and Neuromuscular therapy. Lymphatic Drainage may also be incorporated for areas of inflammation. Hot stones can be added to a regular massage session as well to encourage the deepest relaxation possible. Please give advanced notice to allow ample time for stones to heat.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy-

The Lymphatic Drainage technique involves the use of slow, rhythmic hands-on movements that are extremely gentle and light. These movements are designed to aid the circulation of body fluids, stimulate immune system function, and promote the stability of the body’s internal chemistry. The end result is efficient reduction of waste and fluids trapped in the tissues. This treatment is exceptionally beneficial for post-surgical patients to reduce swelling and bruising.

Hot Stone Sinus Treatment-

An exquisite service utilizing small heated stones and Lymphatic Drainage techniques to flush congestion from the sinus cavities. The first treatment usually results in 6-12 hours of relief, the second usually allows 2-3 days relief and a third 4-6 days of relief. Then maintenance of 1 time per week is beneficial until the symptoms subside. This is an excellent treatment for allergy sufferers, as well as cold congestion. Please refrain from treatment is a fever is present.


An elastic tape used for injury recovery and in assisting with soft tissue pain relief.

Parafango Wrap-

This wrap is specially formulated with seaweed, warm paraffin and natural sea mud to stimulate the lymphatic flow of the body. The warming minerals found in the mix allow the pores of the skin to open fully encouraging the elimination of toxins and absorption of natural amino-oils. The process begins with a brief exfoliation followed by an application of oils geared toward firming tissues or encouraging cellulite reduction. The body is then painted with the parafango and wrapped in heated blankets for 15-20 minutes. The treatment is then completed with a brief application of firming cream. The result… deeply moisturized and toned skin.

Pregnancy Massage-

This treatment is wonderful for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Gentle Swedish strokes encourage relaxation and fluid reduction. Our specialized body pillow provides superior support to allow the recipient to lie face down or on the side comfortably. As there are different points of view on how to position pregnant clients, we recommend consulting with your doctor to determine which positions are appropriate.

ETPS (Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation)-

A modality used for treating chronic and acute pain and Scar tissue release . Often referred to as needleless acupuncture, it is used by massage therapists and physical therapists alike to alleviate muscular pain and discomfort. This treatment is usually combined with massage therapy for optimal pain relief.